A tentative connection between desease divinatory inscriptions from pit YH127 
as exemplified by divination events on 丮 and wpsE767.tmp

中央研究院歷史語言研究所 蔡哲茂Ts’ai Che Mao



【關鍵詞】:殙 、系連、 疾病卜辭 、人物


When over ten thousand OB pieces were unearthed from pit YH127 sholars pointed out that it should be possible to annalistically compile them, but the lack of reliable Wuding’s reign numbers and other calendar day components of an absolute character has made any breakthrough in this direction hard to reach. There have been since one or two dissertation thesis attempting to tie in a series of divination events on Fu Hao’s military campaigns or childbirths, but there is no guarantee that such events occured only once in her life time. And even if, to take this into account, one were to postulate that different occurrences of these events could only have happened in a small time span of one or two years, this would be nothing less than arbitrary. However, it is still possible to connect divinatory inscriptions. There are many divinatory events asking about the sudden (or not sudden) death of aristocrats, mostly isolate and of which it is impossible to tie in a date. In this paper an attempt is made to annalistically compile the temporal sequence of the last days of two individuals by making use of the rejoigning of three plates unearthed from pit YH127 bearing divinatory events on 丮 and wpsE769.tmp with the three connected cyclical dates 丁卯 (= 4), 戊辰 (= 5) and 己巳 (= 6). Since, compared with war and childbirth, it is extremely unlikely to have divinatory events on the simultaneous last days of two aristocrats repeated a number of times, these should be asking about one such event on three consecutive days.

Keywords : Sudden death 殙 Hūn, connection 系連 xìlián (of divinatory inscriptions), disease divinatory inscriptions 疾病卜辭 jíbìng bǔcí, person 人物 rénwù.




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